CAA Spotlight: Coach McCoy

Our weekly CAA coach spotlight centers Julia McCoy. She’s the boys’ basketball coach at Legacy Traditional School Chandler.

Here is a snapshot of a coach working her magic to guide her team season to season.

McCoy growing up

She has always played on sports team, particularly; she played volleyball throughout high school.

Her biggest inspiration

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings (both Olympic gold medalists) were huge influences on her. McCoy learned from both their successes and mistakes.

By watching them play, she applied the tactics while playing in her high school team. She always wanted to better herself on the court.

Full-time profession

Coach McCoy is a 5th-grade teacher. Outside of coaching, McCoy is an athlete in body building and power lifting competitions. She understands what it takes to give it 110%.

What coaching means to her

McCoy loves making an impact in the lives of young athletes, as they grow in a sport they love and better themselves to levels they never thought they would attain.

Besides, delivering her best to the students, she’s also a lifelong learner from them.

Her goal in Legacy is to set a tradition of consistent sport teams with consistent coaching that student-athletes need in their lives.

The experience of coaching girls in the past and currently boys

Although McCoy had planned to coach the Legacy girls’ volleyball team, her experience coaching the boys has been absolutely tremendous.

She has loved every minute of coaching the same boys in football and currently in basketball. The relationship she has developed with her players is remarkable.

The reaction of the season

McCoy and her team are enjoying the season. They are currently 3-2 and they plan to keep climbing to the top spot in the East Valley.

Fans should show up and cheer as they play their first-ever baseball team at the North Chandler Legacy Campus.

Her advice to players

We asked coach McCoy what her advice was to athletes “Young athletes should never be intimidated by teams with high rankings.” She adds, “They should continue working hard past the failures. They will become competitive with anyone and be the best athlete they can be.”

How McCoy prepares her team

After the winter break, she strives to get the players re-focused by setting the goals and expectations. Every player can feel confident on the court in any position.

Coach McCoy thoughts on CAA

McCoy says, “CAA gives student-athletes the opportunity to compete and grow not only in sports but in life.” McCoy continues to say, “Schools should join CAA because it provides a safe and competitive environment for charter schools that focus mainly on academics.”

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