All CAA Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be certified to coach in a CAA Event. To be certified, coaches must:

  1. Take a coaching certification course.
  2. Complete the required CAA/Barrow Brainbook Course.
  3. Complete the NFHS First Aid, Health & Safety Course (head coach only).  
  4. Complete the NFHS Protecting Students from Abuse (Head Coach Only) ( New Requirement) 
  5. Graduate from High School and possess a fingerprint clearance card from DPS 


All CAA Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must take and complete a Coaching Certification Course.

Coaches must take ONE of these courses to satisfy this requirement.

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Positive Coaching Alliance
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2. NFHS Concussion in Sports

All CAA Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must take this course as part of their requirement to be certified.

Learn the impact of sports-related concussion on athletes, how to recognize a suspected concussion, and protocols to manage a suspected concussion with steps to help players return to play safely after a concussion.

Concussions. They’re all over the news, and even in movies. You’ve probably heard that having too many, or even one serious one, can cause problems later in life. What you may not know is how to reduce the risk of concussion, what to do immediately after a concussion, and what can be done in the long term to speed recovery. The Dignity Health Concussion Network can help you on all three of these fronts. Our goal is to provide you access to quality information from our medical professionals, as well as resources and learning tools that can help people from all walks of life avoid concussion or respond correctly and quickly to a concussion. Use the links above to find concussion information tailored to athletes, parents, coaches, medical professionals, and the general public.


All CAA Head Coaches must take this course as part of their requirement to be certified.

This First Aid, Health and Safety course, brought to you by the National Federation of State High School Associations and the American Red Cross, is designed to provide an overview of first aid and the best practices for many first aid situations. The skills taught in this course do not replace professional medical help but offer guidelines and techniques for temporary assistance until advanced medical help arrives.

4. NFHS Protecting students from abuse

All CAA Head Coaches must take this course as part of their requirement to be certified.

Abusive behaviors and misconduct do not belong within athletic and activity programs. To assist in creating an enjoyable and safe environment for students, the U.S. Center for SafeSport, in collaboration with the NFHS, has developed “Protecting Students from Abuse.” The course presents definitions of several types of abusive behaviors and misconduct, the signs and symptoms of abuse, an the ways in which someone can report these behaviors. The course also includes DO’s and DON’Ts for making a report. 

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