2019 CAA Coach of the Year

2019 Canyon Athletic Association Division 2 Boys Soccer nominated Marcus Bailey from Pan-American HS as Coach of the Year. Congratulations Marcus! 

Marcus has been awarded CAA Coach of the Year thirteen times. Marcus said, “In my career, I felt a lot of personal pride, vindication and a level of accomplishment. Over the last couple of years if feels more fulfilling to see my success now impact my players with recognition and with athletic scholarships.”

Coach Bailey has been coaching soccer at Pan-American since 2007 and has been a part of CAA since 2010. He grew up admiring Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. He believes that a “great coach does not only have the ability to change games but more importantly to change lives.” The piece of advice he gives to all his student-athletes is that sometimes the best ability is availability. Being accountable, dependable and trustworthy is priceless. 

Why do you love coaching? 

When asked what he loves most about coaching, Bailey said: “coaching is being able to mold young minds, personalities, talents, and aspirations to pursue one common goal.”

How was your 2019 season? 

“Based on the results, the season seemed to be straightforward since we did not lose a game,” said Coach Bailey. “However,” he continued, “it was a very emotional season. Pan-American lost our head administrator Glen Potts in his battle with Cancer. It was very painful for both myself, my players and their parents. We, therefore, dedicated the season to this great man.” 


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