Why are Athletic Trainers so Important?

Athletic Trainers (ATs) are health care personnel who work under the direction of licensed physicians to provide health care to student-athletes.

The Role of Athletic Trainers

CAA has been partnering with AT Direct for the past two years. Here are the reasons why athletic trainers are important for our athletes:

  • ATs provide immediate care for an acute injury which has a significant impact on the reduction of re-injuries athletes incur

  • An on-site AT provides proper evaluation and treatment procedures hence athletes are less likely to aggravate an existing injury

  • ATs manage rehabilitation after an injury

  • They decrease the possibility of litigation brought against a school district

  • Along with a team physician, they establish policies and procedures for the school athletic training program to protect the students and the school personnel as well

5 Injury Prevention Tips

ATs are well prepared to apply skills for the prevention of injury. Below are the five tips to avoid potential injury:

1. Be a multi-sport athlete. Playing different sports throughout the year allows the body to heal in various places through the use of different muscles and movements

2. Use the proper technique. Using the correct techniques during practice helps reduce the risk of injury

3. Do not play through the pain. You’ll avoid hurting yourself and your teammates

4. Stretch. It increases flexibility, strengthens muscles and prepares you for physical activity

5. Take time off.  If you are hurting or in pain, speak to a professional

AT Direct Stands Out from the Rest

Since its inception in 2017, the goal of AT Direct Company (owned by two female athletic trainers) is promoting the profession of athletic training and taking care of youth athletes.

When they start working with a new school or club, they don’t just show up for a game and leave, they:

  • Help create policies and procedures, emergency action plans, and concussion management policies

  • Work with coaches and athletic directions to ensure the schools have part or full-time athletic trainers

  • Provide athletic trainers with professional liability insurance and free continuing education as a 1099 contractor

Their Experience Working with CAA

Casey McKay (one of the owners and an athletic trainer has this to say about their partnership with CA, “The great thing working with the CAA is it really has brought light to a lot of individuals what the profession of athletic training is and how valuable athletic trainers are.”

McKay continues, “A lot of the schools within the CAA do not staff an athletic trainer so when they see AT Direct at post-season events, they become familiar with what an athletic trainer does and the value they can bring. Through this, AT Direct has been able to bring sideline coverage for close to 20 schools within the CAA since 2017.”

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