Tips for HS Tennis Players

Although our season has currently been put on pause this doesn’t mean we can’t improve our game. Study up on these tips provided by CAA coaches to get a better idea of how you can work on your skills once you are back on the court. 

Tip 1: Getting in the Right Position and Footwork. 

The position of your hips and shoulders are extremely important. Make sure you are in position before the ball bounces on your side. Turn your hips and shoulders and get that racquet back. A tip from coach Swantko from Basis Mesa: “Everything begins with proper footwork. You need to quickly set your hips, then use small quick steps to approach the ball.” Get those feet moving!

Tip 2: Get into the Right Frame of Mind

Playing a great game is also about being prepared mentally for the challenge. Coach Maharaj from the Jones-Gordon School says, “Every time our players hit the court, we want them to remember there are only two things fully in their control: ATTITUDE & EFFORT. When you step off the court can you say that you gave it your all? Did you choose to stay positive, and work within yourself to create the best mindset for success?” Stepping onto the court knowing you are going to give it your all will always make a difference in the outcome of the game. 

Tip 3: Hit, follow through and recover

Whenever you get a little bit nervous that your opponent is leading play, just remember to exaggerate your follow through. Don’t just hit the ball, move your feet too. And of course, always remember to hit and recover. Don’t waste any time to get back into position. 

Tip 4: Improve your serve

If your serves keep hitting the net you may be making contact with the ball too far in front of you. By tossing the ball less far forward and leaning in more just before you swing, you may have a better outcome. Next time you are practicing try putting some topspin on the ball until you perfect your serve. 

Tip 5: Deception

Coach Swantko shared this great tip with us:

 “For more advanced players, one of the keys to better play comes from deception. Good players are able to show that they are about to hit to a certain location but at the last-minute change up the shot to hit somewhere else. You can try to disguise the setup of your body by making it look like you are hitting (pointing the hips) to one location then, manipulate your point of contact to change the target location. When working on your point of contact you should try this either by catching the ball earlier and coming around the outside of it or by loosening up your wrist and taking the ball a bit later and behind your normal point of contact.”

We know it may be difficult right now to concentrate on improving your game but you will be back on the court again soon and you’ll be better than ever! Stay home, stay safe. Make sure to check out our previous blog to learn about how to stay active while at home. 

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