ENTO’s Expertise is Valuable to CAA Athletes

Young athletes are constantly called upon to improve their sports performance, and often times the focus is primarily on their physical capabilities. In any sport, a player is under intense pressure as well as stress and requires tools to effectively deal with these situations. Athletes also need to understand how to use their knowledge and intelligence to excel in tactics, strategies and plays. ENTO particularly looks into the importance of creating strong athletes both physically and mentally. 

What is ENTO?

ENTO is a revolutionary student-athletic organization that focuses on an athlete’s character development and mental health to not only improve their sports performance but to give them valuable information that they will also be able to use off the field throughout their lives.

ENTO works closely with Athletic Directors in a supportive role to aid them in building better teams psychologically and athletically. Through team training and workshops

student-athletes will improve their mind and their body. 

What do their workshops focus on?

The workshops they provide aim to build relationships and foster personal growth and development, mentally and physically. Within the psychology workshops, they provide education on mental health, enhance character development, and analyze current events within the sports culture and its effects. Their sports performance workshops include lectures, practices, and drills all focused on understanding how to apply the ENTO performance training model. This model includes instructions on the application of exercise techniques, injury prevention, coaching cues, and post rehabilitation techniques.

What makes ENTO unique?

ENTO combines the disciplines of psychology and sports performance training which allows them to create a platform where student-athletes are recognized not only for their talent but also for their character and moral merit.

Creating better athletes today to excel in future sports and life performance should be of focal importance to both coaches and student-athletes alike. ENTO can help your future be all the more brighter.

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