CAA Spotlight: Coach Knight

This week we are incredibly pleased to spotlight Coach Christopher Knight from Legacy Traditional School-Chandler.

Coach Knight coaches cross-country and has been coaching at Legacy Traditional School-Chandler for almost 6 years now. He started because he wanted to inspire young student athletes and says, “I want my student-athletes to gain confidence, toughness, and a strong work ethic that can be applied to their everyday lives.”

Looking over the past year


Coach Knight learned a lot from this year, but one thing in particular was the importance of keeping a sense of humor with his team. “I want my student-athletes to feel comfortable enough to laugh, enjoy funny moments and let them know that I trust them to get back on-task when needed.” says Coach Knight.

Once sports were cancelled due to the pandemic, Coach Knight took advantage of the lockdown to catch up on some reading, and to complete some tasks around the house. This time also helped him to think about the future and start thinking of new projects. He’s recently helped with assisting the summer camp at his school’s campus.

Looking to the future


Coach Knight is really looking forward to next year and working with his wonderful team of student-athletes again. Just like all of us, he is hoping that by then, we will have returned to some form of normalcy. Being able to participate in sports is such an important aspect of a healthy life, we all hope to get back to training and competing as soon as possible.

What Coach Knight misses the most, however, is just being with his team: sharing the good and the tough times, being there for his athletes, laughing together and enjoying the sport together.

When asked what piece of advice he would give his students for the future, Coach Knight replied, “Don’t be afraid to approach your coaches or teachers to ask questions or to express your feelings (good or bad).”

Coach Knight, thank you for your time and for all your hard work this year. We all look forward to returning to our normal lives soon, and to our beloved sports. We hope to see your cross-country team give it their all next year.

Arizona Sports Association

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