CAA Spotlight: Tristin Foster

This week we are pleased to feature student-athlete Tristin Foster in our CAA student spotlight series. Tristin is a Junior at Basis Mesa who loves academics as much as she loves sports. She currently has a 4.0 GPA and has combined her love for academics and sports to become an all-around athlete that utilizes all skills from all sports to be court aware, passionate and a multi-dimensional athlete and person.


Tristin – Past to Present


Tristin played soccer from age 3 to 14 and the last few years she played as an attacking midfielder for a local competitive soccer club. At the age of 8, Tristin added softball to her repertoire as she wanted to learn a new game. By the age of 10, she threw a no-hitter in the State Little League All Star Tournament. Then, she decided that tennis would be her next challenge.  Tristin started playing tennis on the USTA at the age of 10 and currently competes in the Southwest USTA. As a Freshman at Basis Mesa in 2019, Tristin finished 2nd in the CAA State Tennis Tournament.


As a Sophomore in the Fall of 2019, Tristin decided to start the PickleBall Club at Basis Mesa to help bring the game in to the school. That same year, she was asked to join the basketball team, a sport she had never played competitively before. Enjoying the sport, Tristin played point guard for the team for Basis Mesa and scored up to 18 points in one game! In the Spring of 2020, Tristin picked up sand volleyball as a new sport and developed a love for the game. Unfortunately, sand volleyball was cut short due to Covid-19.


During quarantine, Tristin played pickleball every day with her brother, Luke, and her parents. But her love for volleyball did not fade during those long months and as a Junior in the Fall of 2020, Tristin started playing court volleyball for Basis Mesa for the first time. She is having a great time playing for her school and with her classmates.

It’s clear that Tristin is truly an athlete through and through. She will go for any ball, in any sport and always gives everything she has. As Tristin says everyday “study hard and play harder”.


Thank you for your endless dedication to sports, Tristin! CAA wishes you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!


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