CAA Spotlight: HS Volleyball Matches

CAA VolleyballCAA volleyball has begun! Our student-athletes started their scrimmages in late September and couldn’t be happier to be back in the full swing of things.  Make sure to check our schedule to see the full list of games for the season. We wanted to take time to spotlight some of the upcoming games of last year’s HS Varsity top-ranking teams.  Let’s wish all of our players good luck for this season.  We look forward to seeing some amazing bumps, sets & spikes!

October 12th:  Last year’s Division 2 State Champs, the EVAC Eagles played the Heritage Mesa Heroes; a perennial top 6 Division 2 school.  Both teams played great, but the Heroes got the W. Their next game is on October 13th against Madison Highland Prep at 6:00 PM. 

October 13th:  Last year’s Division 1 State Champs, the Holy Family Padres are battling it out against last year’s Division 1 runner up, Jefferson Prep Guardians.  You won’t want to miss this game. 

October 19th:  Last year’s Division 2 State Champs, the EVAC Eagles are playing against the Imagine Prep at Surprise Storm (ranked #3 in Division 2 last year).  Bump it, set it, smack it down!

October 22nd:  The 91st Psalm Eagles are competing against the Holy Family Padres. Both teams are perennially in the Division 1 Top 10 teams. Let’s settle this at the net!

October 27th: The James Madison Prep Patriots, ranked #3 last year for Division 1 are up against last year’s Division 1 runner up the Holy Family Padres.  It’s an Air Affair! 

This is definitely going to be a season to remember! Good luck to all of our teams, may you stay active and, most importantly, stay safe. And remember, teamwork makes the #dreamwork! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates and make sure to tag us in your team photos. 

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