CAA Spotlight: Coach Wood

High School science teacher by day, girl’s basketball coach by night. We are proud to highlight Marissa Wood from Mission Heights Preparatory on this week’s CAA coach spotlight. Winter sports begin November 18th, Coach Wood and her team couldn’t be more excited.

Q: How long have you been coaching?

A: This is my first time coaching and my first year here, at Mission Heights Preparatory High School.

Q: How do you foresee your season going?

A: I am so excited for this season – it is a learning experience for me and my players, but I see so much potential, so I think it will go very well.

Q: What athletes did you admire growing up?

A: Steve Nash was my number one. He is so tough, hard-working, a team player. He’s someone that I really admired growing up. I also admire Michael Jordan because his story is just so inspiring and actually leads very well into the next question.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you can give your athletes?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Use it as a learning experience to be the best you can – and that applies to all areas of life.

Q: Please tell us why you got into coaching and why you enjoy it?

A: I have wanted to coach since I was in high school and this is the first opportunity that I have been able to take it up. I enjoy it so much so far because I see an abundant amount of growth in my players just from a couple open gyms. It feels good to know that I can help build their skills and confidence while playing a game we all love.

“Being a part of CAA gives my athletes an opportunity to play sports at a school they really enjoy instead of potentially sacrificing one over the other,” says Coach Wood. Click here to learn more about Mission Heights Preparatory.

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