CAA Spotlight: Coach Reiss

This week, we are spotlighting Coach Peter Reiss. As the head coach, he plays an integral part in the development of the basketball program in Our Lady of the Sun. He aims to set the standard of basketball greatness.

Here is the story of Coach Reiss.

Peter Reiss has been coaching for 4 seasons of basketball. In his first year coaching the high school basketball team, coach Peter anticipates that they will have a very successful season in spite of their youth.

Early Life

Growing up, he greatly admired Kevin Johnson on the Phoenix Suns. One thing he recalls is how Johnson drew strength from his faith (he remembers seeing him make the sign of the cross, giving glory to Christ for blessing him with his talent).

Michael Jordan is another player who Coach Peter viewed as someone to emulate. His other favorite players were Brett Favre and Reggie White on the Greenbay Packers.

His Coaching Career

Reiss got his start as a coach at Arizona State University. While attending the university, he started coaching youth athletics.

But it’s not just his on-court dedication that leaves us in awe. He got into coaching because he enjoys being a positive influence so that the youth can look up to him and help them become the best citizens possible.

Coach Reiss Advice to Athletes

Besides coaching basketball, Coach Reiss is constantly teaching athletes to give 100% in every phase of their life. This is the ultimate way to be successful and to make a positive impact on others.

His Thoughts on CAA

Coach Reiss is credited with pioneering his players in CAA. And even more importantly, he hopes it will be a great experience for student-athletes.

 “I can tell CAA will not only give athletes the experience of pushing themselves physically but also mentally while being able to juggle school, practice, and games,” He said.

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