CAA Spotlight: Coach Ray

We invite you to enjoy our weekly CAA coach spotlight, where we are highlighting Jimmy Ray.

Get to know Coach Ray

Jimmy has had 24 years of coaching softball, football, basketball and track and field. This is his first year coaching at San Tan Charter School.

Athletes that inspired him

Growing up, Coach Jimmy was constantly in awe of Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Without question, he was the ultimate team player.

Earvin Johnson had an unwavering determination to get everyone else involved in the game and he found lots of success. He didn’t have to do everything, he relied on his teammates.

How Coach Ray got into coaching

Jimmy “lucked” into his coaching career while working in the school district he grew up in. He knew it was something he needed to be involved in and he was keen to learn while working alongside his coaches.

Some of the most rewarding moments are when he gets to see them after a game. They are proud of his contributions because he continues to pass on what they instilled in him. He loves thinking about how his old coaches would have done if they were coaching and he tries to do the same thing.

His advice to his athletes

In his experience as a coach, his advice to athletes would be, “Enjoy playing the game. Games are supposed to be fun.”

He is optimistic about the future

Coach Ray is optimistic about the season. While his players are looking forward to the second half of the season, he is continuing to teach them to focus on fundamentals, increasing their softball I.Q. and developing teamwork.

“Their hard work will pay off. We will look like a totally different ball team than the beginning,” he said.

Coach Ray says being a member of the CAA has greatly impacted the athletes, “They are able to compete and the players get to see how their daily hard work is paying off. ” Jimmy continues, “The schools are competitive so the athletes cannot take teams for granted. If they want success, they will have to outwork the competition

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