CAA Spotlight: Coach Hunt

Phoenix Hunt is the cheer and dance coach at Imagine Prep Surprise and we are pleased to feature her in this week’s CAA coach spotlight.

About Coach Hunt

Coach Hunt has 20 years of experience in cheer and dance. She initially started her career off focusing on dance which expanded from studios and gyms to middle school, varsity, and collegiate teams. She has always been passionate about this sport and she loves being able to coach as it gives her the opportunity to share her passion with others. 

She enjoys the challenges coaching brings which allow her to grow as a person and a teacher and if she could share some advice to her young athletes she would say: “Never give up. You will face challenges your whole life. Be confident in knowing that it’s okay to not get it right. Elbert Hubbard said, “there is no failure except in no longer trying.” I believe in each of you!”

How did her 2020 coaching season go?

The 2020 cheer and dance season went very well for Coach Hunt and her teams, which consist in approximately 60 athletes. They came in first place at six events: Advanced Cheer, Game Day, Dance, Middle School Dance, and in Stunt for Middle School and High School.

Coach Hunt is “extremely proud of our teams. They have worked incredibly hard and that has been reflected on the mat and dance floor. Our season is not over, we are still working hard in the gym and continuing to make growth.”

Looking to Next Year…

Next year, she expects her teams will continue to grow and to elevate their level of cheer and dance skills and techniques. Every year they strive to improve and be better than the year before both individually and as a team.

To the athletes that go on to college next year, Coach Hunt says “Thank you. Thank you for dedicating your time to this team and program. Thank you for pouring your hearts out at each practice, game, and competition. Thanks for allowing us the honor to witness each of you grow in your own special ways and sharing your journey with us, we are truly honored. Each of you embodies all the characteristic traits that make you incredible leaders. You will always be a part of the Storm family that has been created here. You will be missed greatly. One team, One dream!”

Her Teams Starring Moment This Year

Coach Hunt remembers one particular instant in which one of her captains noticed a team that was discouraged and in tears as they had an athlete that had gotten injured during warm-ups and were not going to be able to compete. Her team’s captain asked if they could fill in for that spot so that the team could still compete. 

As a coach, she could not have been more proud and honored to be surrounded by such incredible athletes who know the true value of sportsmanship.  

Thanks from Coach Hunt

Coach Hunt thanks all of her student-athletes, their families, her colleagues and all those who supported her and her teams this year. She also thanks CAA not only for supporting the Cheer and Dance Sport but for creating opportunities for all athletes to participate and compete in the sport they love.

CAA, in turn, thanks Coach Hunt for her dedication and passion and we look forward to seeing another wonderful season next year.

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