CAA Spotlight: Coach Bores

Without our coaches, their time and their leadership skills, having a successful sports association wouldn’t be possible. Donna Bores is a great example of a coach, who just finished with girls volleyball and is jumping into softball this winter. We are pleased to spotlight Coach Bores and learn about her experience at Legacy Traditional School NW Tucson Campus.

How Long have you been coaching and what do you love most about it?

This is my 9th year being a part of Legacy Traditional Schools NW Tucson Campus, and my 9th year coaching. I’ve had the opportunity to coach multiple sports here, but what I love most are the “Coachable Moments” and seeing a young athlete develop over the years.

Why did you decide to coach? Please share your background with us?

What made me start coaching was my love for sports, and wanting to make a difference with a positive influence. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, sports were all around us, so you played, or watched someone play. I started playing softball at age 8, then on past high school (many years ago) but also learned and played multiple sports too. I also watched my Dad coach boys high school basketball for years. Him being the positive role model with the “you can ” attitude just made me feel that anything is possible. I think it’s important today for kids to understand this.

Did you have any athletes who inspired you growing up?

Many athletes and coaches inspired me growing up and even had the pleasure of meeting, but if I had to narrow down, it would be Michael Jordan, Mark Grace and Coach Mike Ditka. All who always honored the game.

How does CAA benefit student-athletes?

Legacy sees our athletes as an extension of the classroom. They are students first and athletes second. I believe the CAA benefits the students the same, and by giving them the opportunity to participate in team sports while allowing them to learn valuable life lessons.

How did girl’s volleyball do this season?

Our CAA team was 12-1 making it to State tournament, and our Intramural team was undefeated.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for all athletes?

I believe in the 7c’s (Coachable, Competitive, Communicate, Confidence, Compassionate, Consistency, Compatibility) and introduce my athletes to them each season, but to always give 100% no matter what level athlete you are & have fun doing it.

What are you looking forward to most with coaching girls softball?

The team unity that builds up over a season on and off the field with both Intramural and CAA, oh….and seeing CAA playing in the State tournament for the W!!

Why should other schools be encouraged to join CAA?

To build a network with surrounding schools and get the structured competitive athletics that will benefit any new or existing student-athletes.

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