CAA Spotlight: Coach Artenian

In this weekly Coach Spotlight at CAA, we feature insights from Coach Mike Artenian.

He is a longtime coach to the youth teams, and he has transitioned over to the Bella Vista Varsity team to shine a light on the boys’ basketball players.

While in his 4th season, the coach aims to build a powerhouse that produces dozens of great basketball players.

Coach Artenain

We asked Coach Artenain the following reflective questions. Here is his response:

What inspired you to become a coach?

I’ve always felt connected to the game of basketball. I believe having a great coach can change a student’s life on and off the basketball court.

Being a part of my students’ lives as they grow up and become adults is the most rewarding part of my coaching.

Some of my biggest influences were athletes (Steve Nash, Shaun White, Larry Fitzgerald, and Tony Hawk) who changed the game and made an impact on people’s lives.

Tell us about your coaching aspirations

One of my huge goals is to help student-athletes reach the pros and continue to progress.

And off the field, I aim to prepare the athletes so they may attend college on a scholarship.

What’s your advice to your athletes?

While it’s great that students are working hard for a basketball career, nothing can overshadow this fact: School is a number 1 priority.

Players should strive for success in the classroom, in the field and in other areas of life. It’s also important for players to be open to constructive criticism and learn from it.

For players to be successful on the floor, they need to demonstrate the skills of the game- adopting basketball IQ and organized basketball techniques.

How do you foresee your season going?

I look forward to undefeatable games and competing for the Championship. My team has been practicing hard and preparing hard every single day.

As a member of CAA and one of the smallest private schools, Bella Vista has the opportunity to prepare and face tougher competition from great schools.

Upcoming Games

The next basketball boys game is on December 6th. You can check the schedule here.

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