CAA HS Wrestling

CAA’s High School wrestling season has begun and this year’s first HS Multi was held on November 19th at Imagine Superstition. High School wrestling coach, Kevin Glascock shares a brief recap and some insight on their 2019-2020 season.

“This year’s first HS Multi came upon us quite early so we were a bit worried that we weren’t prepared,” said Glascock. He continued, “We were excited to host and I believe that the team was super motivated because the first match was at home.. Southwest Leadership Academy and Heritage Academy both showed up ready to wrestle with bigger and better teams from the year prior. It was a night of great competition. In the end, most of the Panther’s walked away with wins and we are proud to say that we “Defended the Den” in true state champion fashion.”


Every year brings minor changes in the NFHS rule book. Click here to see 2019-2020 updated rules. “Most of these rule changes err on the side of safety, so I have never had major issues with the changes,” said Glascock.”One of the most significant rule changes that I have seen was a couple years back when they began allowing doublets in competition rather than traditional singlets. Many students liked the UFC style look and I believe that helped us bring in new athletes that wanted to give wrestling a shot.”

Coach Glascock shared his best piece of advice for all wrestlers:

“Championships are won through hard work and perseverance. Just showing up is not enough, you have to want it. Push cardio, master the basics, and practice like you are in competition. Be humble and take advantage of learning opportunities whenever they present themselves.”

Get to know Coach Glascock

Four years ago, Kevin Glascock transferred to Imagine prep from Marcos de Niza high school. He began as an assistant coach for one year before moving into the head coach position, where he is currently in his 3rd year. This is now his 10th year coaching wrestling and couldn’t be happier.

Last year Imagine Superstition’s Panthers won state. Glascock explained, “at the end of last season, we only graduated 1 senior. The majority of our team has returned this season with the addition of a few new wrestlers. Among the returning wrestlers are 2 state champions (Jacob Digiacomo and Kaleb Thornlow) and 2 2nd place runner-ups ( Joey Garcia and Shayne Watson). Our goal for this season is to bring home another championship. Having several returning wrestlers will provide us the opportunity to work on the small details that needed improvement from the following season. This will build more well-rounded competitors that are ready to face the many different styles of wrestler that they will see in competition.”

Being Part of CAA

Coach Glascock explains how his student-athletes have benefitted from being part of CAA’s organized sports. “Canyon Athletic Association caters to smaller charter schools such as ours. Most of our student-athletes are college-bound and academics are their first priority. However, they still desire to be competitive and become well-rounded students, which is why they choose to do sports. Many of our students did not grow up in the sport, but rather start competing once they reach high school. This puts them at a disadvantage at larger public schools because many of those athletes have been competing since childhood and they have made athletics a high priority in their life. CAA evens the playing field so that all student-athletes have an opportunity to find success in their sport which helps them develop a sense of sportsmanship and pride while building on many life skills.”

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