CAA Basketball Players, How To Get Recruited

It’s every student athlete’s dream that someday all those endless practices might get them a chance to play basketball on the collegiate level. With thousands of players competing for a limited number of spots, getting recruited can be difficult.

Here are 4 tips on how CAA basketball players can increase their chances of being selected and ultimately make their dream come true.

  1. Skills and Winning Attracts Attention

You have to work on your skills every day. Work on every aspect of your game – passing, shooting, ball handling, and fitness. The farther you can go in tournaments, the more college coaches will be watching. Be competitive of course, but also respectful and kind.

Sometimes getting recruited is being seen in the right place and at the right time. Participate in the off-season camps and play on independent teams.

  1. Grades are Important

An academic profile is as important as an athletic one. It’s crucial to perform well off the court if you desire to play on the next level. 

You don’t want to get passed due to poor grades, falling below the standards of that college. Pay attention to your studies to meet and exceed the requirements for collegiate athletics.

  1. Ask for Help

College coaches may turn their back on an email from you but they do rely on the high school coaching staff to identify athletes for their program. Put a list of colleges you’re interested in attending and ask your current coach to reach out to a few programs on your behalf.

  1. Take the Initiative

You can ask for support and guidance but definitely don’t rely solely on your coach to get your recruitment. You have to go to college coaches and recruiters.

Email them explaining why you’re interested to play for their team. Remember to create a personalized email (include all the information they’re looking for before they ask). Make a high-quality highlight video that stands out.

You might not get an immediate response from college coaches, but if you keep getting your name out there, there’s a chance you’ll get noticed.

Persistence and the Right Mindset

The path to a college team is not easy. To have the best chance, you should take as many of these steps as you can to build your basketball career.

It may seem like getting selected is a futile process especially when recruiters are not getting back to you with offers. But keeping your efforts and remaining persistent will get you to the next level.

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