Batter up! It’s Baseball Season

The CAA Spring 2020 Baseball season has started! One more reason to get out and enjoy the warm spring days! America’s favorite sport provides memorable moments for both the players and their supporters. To make sure the games stay fun we just want to remind athletes, coaches and parents of the following:

How to Avoid Common Injuries in Baseball

1. Always warm-up and stretch first before playing.

Teams are encouraged to have group warm-up routines before a game or practice, and then players should continue to warm up and stretch on their own to cover any problem areas that may need further stretching. 

2. Wear the right equipment.

Athletes should always wear properly-fitted baseball shoes with cleats, batting helmets when they are batting and waiting to bat, and the catcher should be wearing a catcher’s mitt, helmet, face mask, throat guard, chest protector, and shin guards. 

3. Play on a safe field.

The field should always be checked for debris and holes before the game or practice begins. 

4. Work on your technique.

Improper technique can put you at a greater risk of injury. 

Tips on how to succeed

1. Constantly work towards improving your skills.

2. Give it all you’ve got. Your effort and dedication will make a difference. 

3. Be healthy. Eat right, get your sleep and stay in shape.

Be informed

Baseball rules and regulations are constantly being revised. Click here to read about all the 2020 changes such as the designated hitter rules. 

We are looking forward to some great games this season! Check out the CAA website for the games schedule, updates and more resources. Stay safe and have fun …. It’s time to play ball!

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