Basketball Drills to Try At Home

We know you can’t wait to get back in the game. We can’t wait for next season either so why not make the most of our time and train harder than ever to make next season all the more unforgettable. Keeping up your basketball skills or improving them can be done while staying at home. There are drills you can do in your garage, driveway and even in your house.  The most important thing is working on your skills by doing drills consistently. So here you go: several drills to get you going and to come out of this pandemic at the top of your game. 

Dribbling Drills

Crossovers Basketball Dribbling Drill

Begin in a low stance. Dribble the ball back and forth between your hands in a crossover move. Alternate your speeds from slow to fast and go for 30-60 seconds.

Low Dribble Basketball Drill

Start with feet spread apart and begin dribbling the ball as quickly as you can about 6 inches off of the ground. Begin moving the basketball around and between your legs in a figure eight motion. Continue this pattern for 30 seconds.

Between the Legs Crossover Basketball Dribbling Drill

Start with the ball in your right hand; dribble the ball between your legs to your left hand, and then cross the ball over in front of your body back to your right hand.

Continue this between the legs crossover pattern for 30 seconds, and then switch starting hands and repeat.

V-Dribble Front And Side Left Hand / Right hand

Using only your left hand, dribble the ball from side to side in the shape of a “V” in front of your body. Then dribble the ball backwards and forwards beside your body in the shape of a “V” do this motion 50 times. Repeat drill using only your right hand.


Ball Handling Drills

Wraps Around Head / Waist / Ankle

Wrap the ball in a circle motion around your head 50 times in both directions.

Do the same around your waist and then around each ankle.

Wraps Around the world

This involves combining the wraps around the ankles, waist, and head into one drill. Start by wrapping the ball around your head, then bringing it down and around your waist, and finally around your ankles. Then back up to your waist, then head, then waist again, etc 50 wraps in both directions.

Straddle Flip

Start in a squat position with one hand in front and the other hand behind with the ball in between your legs. While holding the ball between your legs, the aim is to quickly flip the ball up an inch or two, swap hand positions from front to back, and catch it before it hits the ground, do this 50 times.

Wraps Around Right Leg / Left leg

Starting with your right leg in front and your left leg back, wrap the ball around only your right leg 50 times in both directions.

Repeat drill with left leg.

Wraps Figure 8 Around Legs

Wrap the ball in a figure 8 motion around your legs 50 times in both directions.


Shooting Foundation Drills for the Perfect Form 

(For those who have a basket at home)

The 1-Hand Form Shooting Drill 

Feet – Shoulder width apart and Slightly staggered.

Strong and stable position.

Make L with arm – start from this position.

Up and Out – push up and out through your fingers. Using only one hand.

30 Shots – Shoot 10 shots from 3 spots. You should be 3 to 5 feet from the basket. 

One Hand Form Shooting Drill – With Guide Hand

Guide hand near the side of the ball. Do not place guide hand in front or behind basketball.

Fingers on guide hand pointing upwards.

Keep guide hand still. Do not touch the ball with the guide hand.

50 Shots – Shoot 10 shots from 5 spots. You should be 3 to 5 feet from the basket. 

We hope these drills will help you get back into a good training routine. Practice as often as possible to keep up your skills. Consistency is key. We look forward to seeing you all back on the courts as soon as possible. 

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