3 Reasons to Love Canyon Athletic Association

With over 200 member schools, the Canyon Athletic Association has created a strong community focused on sports and sportsmanship. CAA has left a lasting impression on all of the student athletes involved who reportedly could not be any happier with the association.

These are the top reasons to love CAA:

CAA Creates Community Through Sports

The Canyon Athletic Association organizes interscholastic activities and tournaments for all kinds of schools, not just traditional schools. Its` schools include charter schools, public schools, home school organizations and parochial schools. This gives all types of students the possibility of becoming student athletes and enjoying an incredible sports experience. It`s not just the game that matters to this association but also everything that surrounds sports. Creating events in which young students can meet, interact, make friends, learn from one another and have fun together during the game and after, that is what sports are truly about.

CAA Promotes Sportsmanship

One of the Association`s greatest goals is to create more awareness of the importance of sportsmanship on and off the field. CAA provides resources to coaches and teams about how to honor the game and build character. The values learned while playing sports will serve student athletes throughout their lives. This will help them become the best person they can be and will add value to any community they are a part of.

CAA Has Great Staff

CAA organizes incredible tournaments and activities thanks to an extremely dedicated staff. The staff works daily with coaches, student athletes, officials, venues, physicians and spectators to bring together a seamless network of games and sporting events. They are always available and just as passionate about sports as any of the young starring athletes.

If your school or organization would like to be part of such a unique sports association don`t hesitate to contact us: Phone: 602-687-1645 Email: info@azcaa.com

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